Welcome to the website of the non-profit company Apostolis Berdebes, an organization dedicated to the study and promotion of the history and culture of the Greek diaspora in America.

The first production of our company, in 2013, was the documentary “Greek American Radicals – the untold story” directed by Kostas Vakkas. The film participated in the 15th Thessaloniki DocFest and received the best editing award and the 3rd prize for best feature-length documentary at the 7th DocFest of Chalkis.

Most importantly, it was well received by the public. It played for quite a while in Athenian movie houses and was broadcast several times on the internet by ERT when it was closed. It has been – and still is – the focal point of events and discussions organized by cultural and labor associations in Greece and abroad.

You can watch or download a high quality copy of Greek American Radicals from this link:   https://vimeo.com/166715804/bd5fceb7b4


The success of our first endeavor gave us the courage – and the responsibility – to continue in the same direction: to seek and reveal forgotten pages of the history of Greeks in America.

Our second documentary, “Ludlow, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War “,  narrates the story of Greek immigrants at the beginning of the last century, who ended up in distant Colorado working under deplorable conditions in the coal mines of Rockefeller and his fellow mine owners, and who together with immigrants from 22 other countries wrote a proud page of American labor history, known as the Colorado Coal War.

There are many reasons why this story has been forgotten .  However, the distance of time has made it possible to recount the facts, saving from oblivion this important page of the history of Greeks in America.

“Ludlow, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War ” was selected as the best film in the Recordings of Memory Section of the 18th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and the director Leonidas Vardaros was presented with the “Human Values Award”, bestowed by the Hellenic Parliament.  The Jury rationale for the selection was that Ludlow is  “A film that highlights through rare archival material, an unknown facet in the history of the American labour movement, with focus on the role of the Greek.

Our team, consisting of director Leonidas Vardaros, cinematographer Prokopis Dafnos, assistant director/editor Xenofon Vardaros, sound engineer Andreas Gkovas, reasearcher Frosso Tsouka and narrator Rigas Axelos, gave their best in this truly collective effort.   The production management was carried out by the members of “Apostolis Berdebes” non-profit, Stefanos Plakas, Frosso Tsouka, and Lina Gousiou.

Website www.ludlow.gr

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Our company is growing with new people who want to help by offering their time, ideas and creativity.
We have started the research for the last documentary in the trilogy on Greek American Radicalism, covering the period from the 60’s, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam anti-war movement, the anti-junta struggle in the US, and  an interesting conclusion showing that Greek American Radicalism is not limited geographically to Greece and the USA.

Many friends have already offered their personal archives from the decades of 60-70 and we thank them very much.
Please contact us if you want to help in anyway, offering ideas, time, your personal testimonials, or anything else:
by e-mail at the address apostolisberdebes@gmail.com
by telephone in Greece + 306979831005 and in the US + 13478563957